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The Female Entrepreneur's Guide to Breaking 6 Figure Sales


Learn how to crack the code of creating a 7 figure business without feeling that some area of your life has to suffer.

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  • Scaling your business in a way that is seamless
  • Growing your sales so that you feel financially secure
  • Having a client generating process that has clients begging to work with you
  • Aligning the elements of your business and creating a custom growth plan that you love
  • Getting your time and freedom back
  • Authentically standing out as the authority in your market place 
  • Enjoying the extraordinary life that you've designed
  • Positing yourself in a premium way at the top end of your market

Introducing the:


Ready to learn the 5 steps smart business women make to crossover to the 7 figure mark?

Join me for a premium sales masterclass where you will learn how to grow your sales to the next level without the hustle and grind mentality or trading hours for dollars.  

This one of a kind masterclass gives you a clear strategy to help you with
the number one thing your business needs,
 sales & profit!!

This masterclass is for you if: 

  • You are fed up of working harder and putting in longer hours, only to see your profits creep up slowly.
  • You are burning the candle at both ends, exhausted each day, tired of being told business is "hustle and grind."
  • You secretly see other women who seem to be crushing it in their business, and wonder how they manage to do it so consistently.
  • You worry that your profits are flat and you are uncertain as to where the sales will come from to keep your business going. 
  • You feel like running a business is a tough world, and no matter what you do, you're always going to be struggling in some area of your life?
  • You sometimes wake up in sheer overwhelm wondering how you are going to do everything in your life and business - feeling exhausted and worried?
I am Ready!
Sales mini retreat logo.png Art of Premium Sales Mini Retreat

“Chrystal is a gift. I see her as the go to person for anyone who wants to craft the perfect business to fit into a perfectly crafted life. As entrepreneurs it is our right to make our own rules, and we shouldn’t have to follow someone else’s strategies to grow our business. Chrystal is a blessing because she gives people the help and guidance to be successful exactly by making their own rules.

She helped me see who I should be reaching out to and now I’m so excited now to get in front of my ideal audience. I’ve always had a desire to make a successful freedom business with fewer high quality dream clients than scaling to hundreds of clients and now I see how to do that.”

Transformational Health Coach

You Will Walk Away with a 5 Step Plan on How To:

Leverage your natural skills and talents to be one of the best in your market.

Grow your business without "hustle & grind" or "leaning in."

Command premium prices and grow profits by over 30%.

Target and attract higher-paying clients.

Tune into your Feminine Superpowers to grow your business.

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Ready to Break the Code on 6 Figures to 7 Without Sacrifice?

Here are the details

In 1.5 hours, you will have live training to help you move from status quo in your business to a clear plan & blueprint on what you need to do for premium level success in your sales. Have a clear plan to achieve your vision of success.

There will be a live Q&A after the masterclass to help you succeed!

In these 1.5 hours we will go deep and help you bring your business to the premium level. 

The Art of Premium Sales Masterclass

Next Date: TBD

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Chrystal Clifton
Sales mini retreat logo.png Art of Premium Sales Mini Retreat

“After the retreat- I feel clarity and I feel free to be the best me showing up to inspire others.
I feel the freedom to create the business how I want, not to bend to what others want. It feels fun, exciting, liberating and luscious!

Thank you for paving the way!”

Why Go Premium? (What it costs you to stay)

Tired of having to get more clients to see your profits grow?
          ‧ A premium business doesn’t need as many customers!

Ready to increase your revenue but doing more than you already are doing feels impossible?
Your profit margins can grow by knowing how to price at the premium end in an aligned way!

Wish you had a filter that filtered out people who cannot afford or appreciate you?
A premium business filters your clients for you!

Wonder what it would take to work with the clients you love and not always have to follow new leads?
You will be able to spend more time in your genius zone and less time on learning marketing trends!

Wish people could spread the word about you organically?
Premium brands create devoted followers!

Want to raise your prices but are afraid of who will afford it?
Customers retroactively value their high end purchases!

What is it worth to you to be seen as an authority and have a foolproof premium offer or product that you can sell with class and confidence to scale your business?

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Chrystal Clifton helps passion-driven female entrepreneurs who are experiencing sales frustration to authentically expand their business so that they can easily and effortlessly increase revenue flow and create a premium sales experience.

After taking her own business from a garage warehouse to being recognized at the White House, Chrystal began working with other women in business to create premium sales experiences resulting in authentic growth and an effortless increase in their revenue flow. Today, she has spent over a decade helping dozens of small businesses authentically grow their sales. Chrystal and her clients have been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and The Today Show, just to name a few. 

Chrystal is passionate about helping women crack the code of creating a 7 figure business without feeling that other areas of their lives have to suffer. 

She believes that when female-driven businesses grow, local and global communities benefit in multiple ways. 

Chrystal lives in Santa Barbara wine country and stays active at the beach with her two boys. And she will always say yes to champagne or dark chocolate.   

As Featured in

Chrystal Clifton

“Both Motivating & Inspiring

Working with Chrystal has been both motivating and inspiring. She helped me understand my strengths in my business and use those to my advantage. For example, I always struggled with with sales, but Chrystal worked with me to lay out a plan for every step of the process and I grew my sales as well as new ways to think about making these seem much less overwhelming. I'm a more confident entrepreneur after her coaching and feel so much more grounded!”

Founder - Love Roho

Chrystal Clifton

“Chrystal has the ability to nail down and help you refine the purpose of your business in a premium way and bridge that to bring impact and value to your customers . She is foundational as we grow our business. We choose to work with her to get real success & scale.”

Founder - Tulip

Chrystal Clifton

“Working with Chrystal has literally felt Heaven Sent. Chrystal's understanding of the life cycles and needs of a business and creative strengths are solid but her ability to understand the heart and soul of a business and the People who make it tick, is unparalleled. She makes getting to know the personalities that built the business, an equal if not greater priority, to understanding the core principles and products or services provided, and is very astute at weeding out issues that are blocking more success. "”

Founder - Legacy TV Productions, Awaken Giants TV Series

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WHY should you Trust me?

After 20 years as an international entrepreneur- I do not just teach this stuff- I I actually do it.

I use this EXACT system for myself and my clients to increase their profitability in alignment with their purpose & passion. 

I am NOT just repeating some branding idea or marketing formula that is being taught by the latest "guru" or online media company. 

I'm not JUST a business coach who has some online certificate (And definitely not one of those intangible inception coaches who says they know marketing and branding and that they can give you instant results - and leaves you asking "on what exactly? And how long will the success last?" I wonder the same thing).

But I am a marketing pro, culture creator, leader and visibility consultant, strategist,  agency owner and a 20+ year entrepreneur myself.

I help you build the core of your business so it is fully aligned with YOU, helping you grow your business on purpose , with meaning.  Creating a simple & sustainable plan that gets you excited to get out of bed.

I GET IT. (Why, yes... I am the rare diamond you've been looking for.)

I've helped businesses make incredible shifts in their teams, income, profits, visibility and more. I work with clients who are in the start-up phase all the way up to those who have been in business for over 20 years and are ready for the next level of success. 

I've worked with clients in dozens of different markets, from Luxury Wine Brands to Tech Start Ups to Italian Furniture companies. 

The more you are able to incorporate your knowledge of the 5 areas of sales, the more you'll be able to create premium offers and stand out in your market. That's what I am here to help you do! 


Chrystal Clifton working

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